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Your sperm: and how to look after them

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Having regular sex also helps! Studies show that obese men are less fertile than men of normal weight, have lower sperm counts and fewer sperm that can swim well. Should I be watching what I eat? Your chances of fathering a child may be better if you pay attention to your overall health, which means: In about half of cases where couples have trouble getting pregnant naturally, the problem lies with men. But there is another reason to QUIT! Men who are very obese are particularly at risk. Tobacco smoking is heavy drinking smoking sperm count well known major cause of many health problems, including lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease. In heavy drinking smoking sperm count cases, there are no treatments to correct poor sperm production, blockages to sperm tubes or when couples have difficulty having sex, which means that assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation IVF treatment are needed.

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