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The Jail Bait Wait

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While young marriages like this were common in those days, they would have to wait a few years before the marriage would be consummated if only for the sake of preserving Juliet's chances of producing heirs. In the episode "Quagmire and Meg", Meg did turn eighteen, and Quagmire was trying to seduce her from the get-go. Thistleclaw says that he'll wait until she's a full-grown warrior if he has to. Said list notes Illinois has an age of consent of only 17 and suggest people start their countdown naked black jail bait teens. Eddie has no problem with this. Castle isn't interested though. When she says no, he quickly moves on to talk to someone else an example of SoCalizationsince the age naked black jail bait teens consent in Rhode Island is When one of the Teen sims Grows Up, the game will automatically turn their relationship into a platonic one. Done rather adorably in a Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch where a suspicious policeman knocks on the window of a parked car and ask how old the occupants are. Even then though he often tries to dress her and Rika in slightly fetishy outfits like Meido dresses, so some interest is probably there.

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