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The person in self-bondage can escape quickly if necessary, such as a fire breaking out, or excessive numbness of limbs. Paint tin - Free red tube bdsm videos backup key is stored in a tin of paint, ink or motor oil in such a way that recovering the key will cause the contents of the container timed self bondage ice spill, causing costly damage to a carpet or other possessions. This might also happen if the bulb in your light goes, you can combat that a little by using two lights of different types. For example, a key can be placed in water which is then frozen. Timed self bondage ice what you are looking for, do some research and you will find it. Make sure you know timed self bondage ice you're doing though, you don't want the keys swinging out of your reach and behind a headboard or something, or a knot. I'll probably post back tomorrow and tell you how much fun I may or may not have had being handcuffed to the bed in a probably soggy diaper. All times are GMT.

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