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If he was having a sexual relationship with Matilda at the same time, that would have been quite hypocritical of him; given the high regard the Church masturbation cum on orgy most later biographers seem to have had for Gregory VII, perhaps that is why the possibility of his having broken that rule has been mostly ignored? In what way does this make him a "sexually active pope? If some sources say one thing, and others say another, the best function of Wikipedia can be to sort out for the reader which sources masturbation cum on orgy what, when they were published, by whom, etc. Here masturbation cum on orgy some tasks awaiting attention: Benedict IX, I'm having trouble coming up with any specific citation. Should an Antipope since an antipope, by definition, is not the Pope be counted in this article? See for this, for example, Marcello Vanucci, I Borgia. This list should make clear the uncertainty, rather than creating its own arbitrary criteria for certainty and erasing cited information that happens not to meet a subjective criteria. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Flip Merav 21


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